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Responding to Employees’ Query on Time, It Has Impact!

During any operational period, employees tend to have some queries about their given task. Not all their questions are answered via troubleshooting or FAQ guidelines. Generally, their managers and the folks at HR are responsible for handling these queries.

What is an employee query?

First, let’s know what an employee query is. Everything that an employee asks during their operational period is an employee query.

This generally ranges from asking for leaves, holidays, reimbursement, salaries, compensations, and all.

If not responded to timely, these queries become more complicated issues that are difficult to solve.

Role of HR in Resolving Employee Queries

The Human Resource department in any organization has a primary goal, no matter which industry they work in, to ensure that the employees are aligned to the organization’s objectives. Employees are the backbone of any company.

They have the right to be so. When employees are aligned with their company’s goals, it impacts the overall productivity output.

Resolving employee queries is more important than it seems for an organization.

Even more interesting is that this topic is so basic that even the HR folks hardly discuss it.

As the HR department works as the interface between the staff and the business itself, any employment-related issues or disputes must be channelled through HR.

These are more complicated queries to solve. On the introductory note, we can say that responding to employees’ queries on time prevents them from shifting their focus.

Why is a shifting focus not good?

Shifting focus is a sour phenomenon for the company. Why? Let’s think for a second. Not all employees work for money. Many works for an organization for newer challenges and career enrichment.

Responding to their queries is more important than anything else. Because once they face delayed response to their payroll, leaves, or tax deduction, their focus will shift from investing time and resources for the business to a payroll-related grievance.

It is unfortunate that in many companies, these sorts of problems are relatively common. The reason for this is, the HR department often ignores these issues for bigger ones. So, the issues resurface again and again with the same set of employees.

This isn’t very pleasant for them as well as their colleagues. If these sorts of queries are responded to on time,  it would have the exact opposite effect. Those employees would passionately contribute to the organization in the long run.

How does this help?

A study on the HR response towards employee queries shows us that it is often added to the troubleshooting guideline if a query is resolved timely. This frees up the HR executive some valuable time for their core activities.

Also, transparency increases if queries are timely responded to, leading to solid internal communication among different departments.

Generally, in this situation, employees of other departments consider folks from HR as their friends. In the end, nobody wants a significant issue hindering productivity.

Timely responded problems do not grow to more critical issues. It is vital for the business.

How does one respond to these queries on time?

Given the volume of query flow in larger organizations, it might be challenging to respond to all of them promptly.

Today’s companies use query management systems (end-to-end Employee Lifecycle Management) to react quickly to employee queries.

Some companies have a toll-free number for their employees to register their queries.

Managing query: the first response step is to load, save, modify, and reply to questions.

Profiling Query: queries might fall under different classes and subclasses.

In that case, it is easy for the HR managers to categorize them and take necessary actions.

Analyzing Query: If there is a frequent query from the employees, it needs proper attention to resolve. Tracking past queries, finding problem patterns, and suggesting a suitable solution leads to employee satisfaction.

Nobody wants to wait in this fast-paced world. People who work for the business are sensitive and crucial for productivity. Quick response to employee queries leads to better internal optimization. A lot of organizations fail to understand this. Companies that care about their employees take care of every little detail. Best employee-rated companies have a relatively better employee query management system. So, it needs no saying that timely response does have a great impact!

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