Expatriate Management Service

Expatriate Management Service Bangladesh

1. All kinds of BIDA (Bangladesh Investment Development Authority) Works (Company Registration, Branch Office & Liaison Office Permission, Visa Recommendation, Work Permit & Others). Various matters related to the BIDA (Bangladesh Investment Development Authority), such as company registration, licensing of offices and liaison offices, visa advice, work permits, etc.

2. Visa B (Business), E (Employment), FE (Family Employment), T (Tourist), Exit, Application and Extension for individual and for spouse. Issuance, application, renewal of B (Business) / E (Employment) / FE (Family Employment) / T (Tourist) visas for individuals and spouses.
3. TIN, TAX Certificate & Yearly TAX Return Submission (Company & foreign citizen people). Submission of taxpayer number, tax certificate, annual tax return (for corporations and foreigners).
4. Security Clearance and Police Verification [SB (Special Branch), NSI (National Security Information), & Home Ministry]. Security checks and police checks [SB (Special Branch), NSI (National Security Information), Ministry of Home Affairs].

5. Comprehensive company formation services through the RJSC (Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms), catering to both local and foreign companies such as Name clearance, Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum & Articles of Association, and Form-XII. 

6.License [Trade License, IRC (Import Registration Certificate), ERC (Export Registration Certificate), Membership & Others]. Licenses [Trade License, IRC (Import Registration Certificate), ERC (Export Registration Certificate), Membership, etc.]

7. Logistics Support & Cultural Support.

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