How to get Trade License in Bangladesh-2024

Trade License in Bangladesh

Table of Contents To obtain a trade license in Bangladesh in 2024, an entrepreneur needs to apply to the City Corporation or Municipality office where their business is located. This involves submitting the appropriate application form along with required documents and paying the prescribed fee. The process is governed by the City Corporation Taxation Rules […]

How to get TIN Certificate in Bangladesh 2024 : Step by step Guide

tin certificate in bangladesh

Table of Contents In Bangladesh, a Tax Identification Number (TIN) Certificate is mandatory for anyone earning an income. The E-TIN system simplifies the application process, allowing online registration and instant certificate issuance. This guide outlines the steps to obtain a TIN Certificate, including the required documents and benefits of having one. WHAT IS THE MEANING […]

How to fill up income Tax Return both online and offline 2024 ?

1. How to fill up income tax returns both online and offline in Bangladesh

Table of Contents Under the Income Tax Ordinance (ITO) of 1984, individuals in Bangladesh are mandated to fill up income tax return if their income exceeds the non-chargeable limit or the assessable income of another individual. This process requires submission using the designated form to the Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Taxes. Here’s a comprehensive guide […]

Consequence of failure to deduct, collect, TDS – section 143-ITA.


Are you feeling overwhelmed by TDS in Bangladesh? Take a deep breath! This quick guide will untangle the complexities and get you back on track. No more sweat, just clarity and confidence. So, what’s TDS? Imagine you’re a business owner. When you pay contractors, suppliers, or even rent, you’re supposed to deduct a portion of […]