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Because we ensure;

Expertise: We believe in doing what we are best in. So you can count on us to get the best from our expert people in our service arena.
Quality: We never compromise quality to ensure service excellence in every aspect.
Accountability: We are absolutely responsible for what we serve with as we believe in earning respect by keeping promises
Confidentiality: We uphold our clients’ confidentiality with highest priority to maintain a trustworthy & sustainable relationship.
Customer Centricity: We always serve our clients by their needs as for them we exist!


• On time salary payment without any delay for last 16 years.
• 350 final settlement & payment in a single day for Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS).
• Managed one of the largest fund in Bangladesh (PF, GF, WPPF & WWF).
• Managed one of the most complex Payroll in Bangladesh.
• Distributed of WPPF & WWF amount among 4,500 members.
• Developed Payroll and Fund Management software (2 payroll and 3 fund management software).
• Facilitated 2 major re-structuring process in senior management in 2004 & 2010 within Grameenphone.

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