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Accounting Outsourcing

Helping you to organize your accounting process smart
and optimize the collection process


Accounts Payable

  • Receive bills or invoice
  • Inspect bills in details
  • Revise the records of the bills or invoice received
  • Make payment timely




Accounts Receivable

  • Review the paying ability of the client
  • Continuous monitor the risk of non-payment and delay payment
  • Provide better customer experience to avoid bad debt
  • Address customer complaints
  • Maintain payment receivable balance sheet and keep record
  • Prevent bad debt recovery of receivable outstanding in the particular period

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Accounting Audit

  • Financial audit – to determine the financial statements are fairly presented
  • Compliance audit – to determine the law and regulations are rightly followed
  • Economy & efficiency audit – to determine the resources are rightly used
  • Program result audit – looks at a specific program to determine if the desired results or benefits are being achieved


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